Company History

While working at Pharmacia in the late 80’s Johan Stjernschantz was the co-inventor of latanoprost, a prostaglandin F2α  receptor agonist, and the therapeutic principle behind Xalatan® which radically improved the treatment of glaucoma. He was also in charge of the entire development of Xalatan®, including the regulatory approval in Europe and the USA.

In 1997 he left Pharmacia and continued his research at Uppsala University, Sweden, where he served as Professor of Pharmacology and Drug Development between 1999 and 2004.

Initially, Johan conducted preclinical studies on prostaglandins at Uppsala University. In order to test the novel drug candidates in the clinic, he established Synphora AB, a Swedish corporation. The company is now exclusively focused on the pharmacological treatment of diseases of the inner ear, specifically Menière's disease and noise-induced tinnitus.

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